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Founder of Immigrant Justice Now, Shannon works at a cyber security nonprofit. She organized Families Belong Together marches, rallies, and vigils across the United States in June 2018. Shannon also volunteers on the communications team at Towards an Inclusive Peace, and she holds a master's degree in Political Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
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Media & Communications Director

Anna Tarkov is a naturalized American citizen originally from Kiev. Her family came to the US in the summer of 1989 as refugees from the former USSR due to tireless advocacy by American Jews on behalf of Soviet Jewish families. As a result, she is keenly aware of the disparity in the treatment her family received and the treatment of families and migrants on our southern border. Anna has a multi-faceted background in media, journalism, PR, marketing, and non-profit work as well as being mom to a wonderful autistic & non-verbal boy. She is married and lives in the Chicago suburbs.
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Jessica Craig is a literary agent for multicultural writers (www.craigliterary.com) based in Barcelona, Spain yet regularly in London or Connecticut or NYC.  As an undergraduate at Columbia she focused on Islamic studies and earned her BA in Comparative Religion (CC ’94). She became an activist after participating in Women’s March and in May 2018 organized US citizens abroad to protest zero tolerance policy and family separation, forming an action group in Spain and an international coalition which can be joined/followed:
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Dr. Eve Krief is a Pediatrician on Long Island, NY. She earned a BA in Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and received her medical degree from Sackler School of Medicine. She works with her local American Academy of Pediatrics chapter on legislative advocacy and is founder of Long Island Inclusive Communities Against Hate.

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Program Director

Micaela Eller is a Sr Agile Transformation Leader and Sr Program Manager living in Austin, TX.  She earned her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies at Boston University and holds multiple professional certifications. She speaks at technical, professional, leadership and women's conferences on Women's Leadership, Women in Tech, Mental Health, Technology, and Scrum and Agile Practice. Recently, she turned her professional talents toward social advocacy for women's rights, immigrant rights and mental health and works with small and large advocacy groups. Her dream is to live in a world where shame, fear and hatred cannot be used as weapons to silence dissent or dismantle healthy public discourse.



Heidi Li Feldman is Professor of Law and Associate Professor of Philosophy (by courtesy) at Georgetown University Law Center. She is also the founder and director of Leaders from Law, a nonprofit start-up dedicated to training and education for progressive law students and young lawyers aiming to run for office. Dr. Feldman regularly speaks to major media on topics ranging from U.S. gun regulation efforts to women’s support for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 candidacy to political efforts to oppose the current Republican agenda.

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Skye Wagoner is a student activist who attends a university in Southern California. Her three main focuses are studying, organizing, and surfing. She is passionate about many issues but she has zeroed in primarily on climate change, gun violence, and immigration/refugee policies. Other than her work on Families Belong Together, she has also been involved in Road To Change and the National March On NRA.



Wendy Levy Batterson is the co-founder and leader of Indivisible CD52/CD53 based in San Diego, California.

Beginning as an co-organizer for the inaugural San Diego Women's March in 2017, Wendy went on to lead or co-lead several local protests, rallies and community events advocating for justice including airport protests against the Muslim Ban, ACA Vigil, Charlottesville Vigil, Families Belong Together March San Diego and Justice Rally adjacent to San Diego Comic-Con. She also organized a lecture featuring anti-racism activist & civil rights icon Jane Elliot and co-hosted a Get Out The Vote event with guest speaker Reverend Al Sharpton. Wendy, along with fellow Indivisible leaders, regularly meets with her Congressman Scott Peters to discuss proposed legislation, such as voting rights, common sense gun laws, climate action as well as other local issues.

Living near the border brought the immigrant crisis to her doorstep and this firsthand awareness spurred her to lead ongoing relief efforts directly to asylum seekers and join the emerging leadership of Families Belongs Together formed in June 2018. Wendy continues in this capacity for Immigrant Justice Now by co-managing our nationwide fundraiser to assist with the direct supply needs of migrant shelters on both sides of our California border during this current humanitarian crisis.

Wendy is a fierce advocate for diversity, equity, human rights, and dignity for all peoples.

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Jackson Hyland-Lipski is an activist and filmmaker from New York City. He is currently the Visual Content Director for Women's March Global. From 2016-2018 Jackson was the Head of Web Development for Women's March and for the original Women’s March on Washington, and Digital Media Director for Youth Empower. Jackson is also a freelance video editor and graphic designer for political campaigns and progressive organizations such as Indivisible, Democratic Socialists of America, March for Our Lives, Immigrant Justice Now, The People for Bernie Sanders, The People’s Summit, Indigenous People’s Movement, Muslim Democratic Club of NY, and many others. Jackson has recently been selected as a Fulbright Scholar, through which he will be directing a documentary on the treatment of Muslim women in Austria in early 2020.

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