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  • Intersectionality - intersectionality and inclusiveness is a requirement for all participants who wish to participate in an Immigrant Justice Now call to action or use media generated by IJN such as posters, social media images, electronic media, logos or any other materials generated by IJN. ALL people who care about immigrants are welcome

  • Non-violence - non-violent activism is a core value of our movement for immigrant rights and of IJN

  • Non-partisan - we are a non-partisan organization and do not endorse any political party or candidate. We encourage all politicians, political parties and governments to join us and be a part of the solution of just and transparent immigration processes and policies

  • Immigrant focused - our organization is focused on supporting immigrants and refugees. All activities and events sponsored and supported by Immigrant Justice Now should be focused on supporting immigrants, refugees, immigrant rights and immigration policy

  • Respect and Compassion - our values arise from the belief that all human beings deserve to be treated with respect, compassion and dignity. This belief extends to other people and organizations who do not agree with us or share our goals


  • Discrimination - it is not ok to exclude or discriminate against others who wish to support immigrants and immigrant rights. Please act with integrity and be welcoming to ALL people who wish to participate in calls to actions by IJN. Please remember that this movement is about respective for all people so behave accordingly

  • Violence or Destructive Behavior - not allowed at anytime for any reason. Non-violence is the only form of protest or activism that IJN supports or participates in

  • No Political Campaigns - IJN does not endorse politicians or political parties. If you wish to have a member of a political party or a politician at one of your events we ask that they respect our values of non-partisanship and not use our event as a campaign activity

  • No Side Events - IJN events are intended to support immigrants, refugees and immigrant rights. Those events should be focused on issues associated with immigration policy and any laws that affect immigrants and refugees. Unless you have been given explicit permission, please do not represent IJN at non-IJN sponsored events

  • No Hatred or Bigotry - our core values are centered around the belief that all human beings should be treated with respect, compassion and human decency. That belief extends to people who disagree with us or who act in support of unjust policy or laws