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A new report by the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services estimates that thousands of children were being separated from their parents for at least one year before the administration announced their separation policy to the public. HHS officials failed to keep records of the identity or tracking of these children because they say they were not legally required to do so before the June 2018 court order. “We don’t have any information on the children that were released prior to the court order,“ says the assistant Inspector General for HHS.

Where are the children now? How old are they? Are they with relatives? Are they in detention centers? Were these children old enough to even know their own names?

The human rights of thousands of children were violated by this administration and we demand answers. We demand accountability. We demand justice. We must demand that Secretary Nielsen explain where these children are and that our members of Congress investigate #WhereAreTheChildren?


Text “congress” to 50409 [via ResistBot] and tell your representatives we DEMAND accountability and transparency. Then, share it on social media: #WhereAreTheChildren?

Take the next step by asking your representatives to take the Pledge for Immigrant Justice. This pledge holds Congress accountable for ending family separation, limiting immigration detention, and ensuring humane treatment of immigrants throughout the process.