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direct aid FUNDRAISER

Help us provide needed supplies to immigrant families and children. Examples of supplies purchased include bus tickets, Pedialyte, prepaid cell phones to contact sponsor families, winter clothing, and clean socks and underwear.

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help the caravan

The right to migrate is fundamental. Without it, the right to work, to be free, to live, cannot be realized. We reaffirm our conviction that every member of the Central American Caravan has an inalienable human right to flee from violence and poverty and toward better economic and political conditions elsewhere, regardless of national boundaries. We submit that they possess a right to enter and remain in the U.S. equal to anyone born there.

The New Sanctuary Coalition is resolved to choose the side of liberty and equality. We are resolved to sacrifice in solidarity with those leaders of liberty and pioneers of equality who are nonviolently asserting their right to migrate by moving their caravan of brave souls across the U.S./Mexican border. We are resolved to form a U.S. Caravan of supporters who will meet the Central American Caravan in Mexico, witness their movement, and accompany them into the U.S. At the border, we will assist those seeking entry with their demands to enter the US without losing their liberty.

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By slowing down the resettlement program at a time of unprecedented global need, the Administration is putting refugees’ lives on the line by reducing the United States’ capacity to offer safe haven.